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 Realism Weapons by Revenant100

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PostSubject: Realism Weapons by Revenant100   Wed 16 Jan 2013, 13:40

This is the seperate weapon pack for the Realism Skin pack. The reason this is seperated is because this contains the GT1 chr's and animations of the files, so there will be some side effects that I will explain shortly.
This weapon pack replaces the Haw-90, the pistol, the shotgun, and the sniper gun with its GT1 counterpart. It will work fine with or without the Realism Skins pack. To install the weapons, open the exe file, choose your Gore installation directory, and press unzip. It will overwrite the original files, so make sure you have backups if you want them.

Important Note:
The new weapons will not harm your game at all, but there are some things you should now. You can't use custom skins for the original weapons with these chr's because the skin layout is different. If you do install a custom skin that was made for the original weapons, it won't crash your game or do anything harmful at all, but it will look wierd.
Also, this won't affect normal players, but these new chr's will cause Supredit to crash if that particular chr is in the dmf. This is the main reason why it's being made seperate, but it's not a difficult problem to get around of.

Download Realism Weapons



-If you want to remove the GT1 weapons, download this zip file, find your Gore installation directory, and extract. Overwrite the files when it asks and the GT1 weapons will change back to the GFV ones.

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Realism Weapons by Revenant100

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