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PostSubject: GORE SERVER BANDWIDTH SETTINGS   Sun 03 Jun 2012, 01:53


Ryan Raner - 4/3/2008

This document is meant to describe the server CFG settings bandwidthin
and bandwidthout. The settings are for bytes per second.

The server will take the total number and divide it equally among the
connected players. If the a player can only utilize less than the
server is trying to provide them, then they will be given no more
they can use and this may result in a little bandwidth not being used.


Before choosing settings, you must make sure you know how much bandwidth
your server actually available in BOTH upstream AND downstream.

If you fail to do this and set your server for more than it actually has
available then it could cause connection problems for your users.

If you contact a server provider to check your bandwidth setting, make
sure you know they are communicating in BYTES per second or BITS per
second. If they give you BITS per second, divide that number by 10 to
get an estimate of your rate in BYTES per second.


As stated before, the server will divide the total number among the
connected players.

So if you have a bandwidth setting of 20000 out, then your server would
send data at 1250 bytes per second on a 16 player server.

General starting recommendations:

2-10 Players = 2500 per player
11+ Players = 3500 per player

So for a full 16 player server a good starting point is 56000 in\out.

If you absolutely know you have a faster server than 56000 in\out
then go for it. But the most important part is to NOT go above what
your server can actually handle.

The easiest way is to connect your server provider and ask them for your
actual bandwidth. This is wise because they may have already set up
the config file for you with the proper bandwidth.

The config files default to 100,000 bytes
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